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Parent Faculty Organization (PFO) 23-24

Parent Faculty Organization (P.F.O.)

Parent Faculty Organization (P.F.O.)

The RJMES strives to enhance the educational experience of every child on campus.  We are blessed with a very active P.F.O. that goes above and beyond to make sure our children have access to the best. P.F.O. is a wonderful way to get involved in the goings on here at RJMES.  The P.F.O. sends home e-mail notices and newsletters throughout the year to keep you informed of upcoming activities, meetings and opportunities to get involved.
Check out the PFO Facebook page or the RJMEPFO website
Please contact PFO Executive Board ( for more information.
P.F.O. Board Members

P.F.O. Board Members

Board Members
  • Marday Salmond – Director of Communicaitons 
  • Kristy Hartmann– Director of Sponsortship
  • Caitlin Acosta– Director of Membership
  • Brittany Smith– Room Parent Coordinator & Teacher Appreciation Corrdinator
  • Amber Jennings – Art Docent Director
  • Katrina Osanna – Events Coordinator
  • Erin Seymour – Safe Routes Coordinator
  • Rehana Rehman – Fall Festival Coordinator
  • Chris Rankin – Fun Run Coordinator